X-Men The New Mutants 2018 Official First Trailer

There was the first teaser trailer of the spin-off “X-Men” – the movie “New mutants” from Josh Boon, an ardent fan of the X-universe, though he had previously filmed melodrama, but got his chance in a terrible genre! In the new picture, the plot twists around five teenagers with superpowers who are locked in a secret bunker, and try to survive in new conditions. Teaser trailer X-Men The New Mutants :

Actors in the film brought together young and green, but some of them are serious, formed by artists like Maisie Williams “Game of Thrones” , plays a girl-wolf Vulfsbeyn and Anne Taylor Joy “Morgan” , “witch” , “Split” , responsible for the mutant from Russia Magic. The rest are simpler: Charlie Heaton in the role of the Cannonball, Henry Zag in the body of Sanspot, and, finally, Blue Hunt appears in the image of the superhero Mirage! From experienced and venerable artists to support the youth, as promised, should James McEvoy “Trans” , of course, in the suit of the wise Charles Xavier. Best quality Hollywood movies download online free without membership charges english subtitles.

The trailer, of course, turned out gloomy and promises a chamber horror in the style of the recent “February” , which is very different from the general carnival manner of the adventures of the X-Men, and this is encouraging. All the same, standard comic books plow through the same themes, gigantize villains, and increasingly go into permanent boredom. So, changing the course can at least temporarily give the dying genre freshness and cheerfulness!

The premiere in USA on April 12, 2018.


Kevin Hart Comedy Movie Night School 2018 Official Trailer

The first trailer of the comedy Night School directed by “The Departed Girls” by Malcolm D. Lee was released . The film tells about a cool, vigorous salesman, who has to go to the so-called “Night School” to get a certificate of graduation from high school. Hollywood comedy movies download online free in full length 720p hd bluray quality without membership charges. Watch the trailer Night School :

The seller plays Kevin Hart “Krepis” , “Jumanji: The Call of the Jungle” , “One and a half spies,” and it’s no wonder that even playing a charismatic shopkeeper, he kosyachit and dismissed. He is not taken to another job, because he is uneducated. But you just need to pass the GED test – the exam for general education – and here it is the second chance in life! Teacher is the heroine of Tiffany Heddish “The Last Real Gangster” , an incredibly cheerful and plastic actress who is there only to save money. So, an entertaining conflict is drawn.

The premiere in USA is scheduled for November 29, 2018 , but something tells me that the film is unlikely to be in our cinemas, it is very specific and the ticket office is not big for him.

Robin Hood 2018 Official Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer of the latest version of the classic story about the noble English robber Robin Hood Begins appeared . Life in the Middle Ages Sherwood is not a fairy tale. In power, greedy, cruel, corrupt rulers. Poverty everywhere. But the people have their own hero – the leader of the forest robbers Robin Hood. He and his gang make raids on rich caravans and give money to the poor. Who is hiding under the hood of the renowned avenger? Watch trailer Robin Hood :

110 years have passed since the first adaptation of Robin Hood ‘s Robin Hood and His Merry Men . But Hollywood does not calm down. Everything is revised and retaken. And what will surprise us this time?

The trailer shows that the film will be dynamic, spectacular, with a plentiful mo mo. Filmed in a more youthful style, rather than the latest version from Ridley Scott with the heavyweight Russell Crowe . Hollywood 2018 full movies download online free with English subtitles and hd 720p quality.

The main protagonist is played by Theron Edgerton “Kingsman” , “Legend ” , combining protest and courage. Helps him Jamie Fox “Baby on the driver” in the role of Little John, Jamie Dornan “Fifty shades of freedom , ” “The Collapse,” responsible for the monk Will Scarlett, and the magical Yves Hewson of the “Hospital Knickerbocker” as the Virgin Mary. The main villain is the sheriff of Nottingham in the hands of Australian master Ben Mendelssohn “Walk on the Mississippi . ” Here he will raise the eyebrow level in one eye movement to the Shakespearean heights.

The premiere in USA will be held on November 29, 2018.

Bumblebee 2018 First Official Trailer

Meet the first teaser trailer for the potential hit “Bumblebee” , the spin-off “Transformers” , the events in which take place in 1987, long before Shai LaBeouf and Mark Wahlberg . At the head of the story is the girl Charlie on the threshold of the 18th anniversary. She is looking for herself in this world, but she finds a neat yellow car in a car dump in California. And it turns out to be one of the first Autobots on Earth – Bumblebee. Watch the trailer Bumblebee:

The current picture is the first about the Transformers, which dispenses with Michael Bay in the directors. He limited himself to the role of the producer. His place was taken by Travis Knight . The budget of the film was impressive, but not sky-high 128 million dollars. There are no stars in the picture. Charlie is answered by an experienced but still young Hailey Steinfeld “Once in a Lifetime , ” “Almost Seventeen . ” Helping her will be John Sina “There Will not Be Sex”, “Sisters” and a crowd of noun of artists. Hollywood full hd movies download online 1080p prints with esubs without any sign ups.

By the way, Bumblebee returned to the origins, and instead of the fashionable Chevrolet Camaro, he again became a sweet Volkswagen Beetle. Apparently, the authors are looking for freshness to avoid comparisons with the pixel attractions of the last parts.

The premiere in Russia will be held on December 20, 2018.

The girl In Spider’s Web 2018 Official Trailer

There was an official trailer of one of the most anticipated films of this year The girl In Spider’s Web . This tape is a direct continuation of the ice Fincher detective “Girl with a dragon tattoo” seven years ago. Today, the brilliant Lisbeth Salander hunts male sadistic men who mock women. And gets involved in the story with espionage, hackers and corrupt politicians. Watch the trailer The girl In Spider’s Web :

The film is based on a novel written by David Lagenkrantz on the notes of the deceased Stieg Larsson. Instead of David Fincher, the director of the picture was Federico Alvarez , who gravitates toward the viscous horror “Do not Breathe” and “The Evil Dead” . And for autistic hackershaw now answers Claire Foy “Not in herself” , the owner of the Golden Globe for the TV series “Crown”. Hollywood 2018 movies download online free in hd 720p bluray quality with English subtitles. And let her look like Rooney Maru , the temperament is not the same. She mastered the martial arts? And she began to be afraid?

In other roles, Leukit Stanfield “Away” , “Atlanta” , Sylvia Hooks and Sverrir Goodnason . By trailer while everything is very stylish, cold, emotional. I hope for a dense, memorable story!

The premiere in Russia will be held on November 8, 2018.

The Man on the Moon 2018 First Official Trailer

Friends, meet, the official trailer of the biographical drama “Man on the Moon” , a film about the astronaut Neil Armstrong, who made that small step that has become a big leap for humanity. Put a picture of the favorite of the audience, the author of the debilitating “Obsession” and the magical-romantic “La-LAND” , winner of the Oscar Damien Schazell . Watch the trailer The Man on the Moon (First Man) :

Shazell for the first time shoots the film not according to his own scenario as a standard wage worker. And also for the first time his movie is not musical. So let’s see what a master craftsman is capable of and how he feels in the new genre. Watch latest openload free movies online in hd 720p or 1080p bluray prints without sign up.

For Neil Armstrong, Ryan Gosling answers “Glorious Guys” , “Blade Runner 2049” , which, in fact, was the only contender for this role. He’s an excellent actor, and I’m sure he will cope with the incredible character of the character. His wife Janet played ubiquitous this year Claire Foy “Not in itself . ” Of the notable artists in the picture are busy Kyle Chandler “Night Games” , Jason Clarke “Terminator: Genesis” , Ethan Embry “Cheap Awe” .

The premiere in USA will be held on November 22, 2018

Official Trailer For Godzilla King of Monsters (2019)

A full-fledged trailer of a fantastic action movie about the primitive monster “Godzilla the King of Monsters” from the director of the anti-christian horror “Krampus” Michael Daugherty was released . This time a giant pangolin which, as we remember from the previous part, is not very bad, will fight against other awakened monsters, one of which will be a three-headed kizju – King Hydor. You can download 2018 movies online free in hd bluray 720p or 1080p quality without membership charges. Watch the trailer Godzilla King of Monsters (Godzilla: King of the Monsters) :

The first part , shot in muted cold tones, except for the visual side, did not please. And now, after the dry reception of the original picture and the failures of the duet of the “Pacific Frontier” similar to the theme , the topic with the second part about Godzilla emerged. Who is this sponsor-adventurer ?! In the trailer irrepressible pathos, huge sculptures of the next antediluvian monsters, and a reminder that the most terrible scourge of the Earth is without a doubt a man. They are filmed in this masquerade star of the series “Very strange business” Millie Bobby Brown, suspended the “Enchantment” Vera Farmiga, flashed with the “Water Form” Sally Hawkinsand all the same goggle-eyedKen Watanabe. Even on the trailer, the film looks like absolute madness, which is worth seeing only one goal – to be sure of it.