Annabelle Creation 2017 Sequel Gets The New Creepy Trailer

Jesus Crowned! In the dawn of Tuesday (20), Warner has released a new and sinister trailer of “Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil”! In the video, we can see a bit of how the evil doll was made and what she is capable of doing! Hahahaha Following the long-running horror of “Invocation of Evil”, a nun and a group of orphaned children are invited by doll maker Mr. Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) to live with him and his wife.For the horror movies fans who like to watch movies at home, need to have¬†Annabelle 2 movie download free using internet connection to enjoy during day off from work.

The hosts lost their daughter in a tragic accident and the girl’s spirit possessed one of her dolls so she could “continue” with the family. Things start to get tense in the new orphanage when one of the children claims to have talked to the dead girl … From there, they discover that the Annabelle doll is behind the macabre events, but maybe it might have been too late … Watch:

Eitaaaaa! And this scene of her pulling the little girl to the well; We got real nervous here. With production of the star James Wan and direction of David F. Sandberg (Lights out), “Annabelle 2” premieres on August 17 in USA cinemas.

Spider Man Homecoming – Flash Thompson Will Have Big Change In The Movie

Spider Man Homecoming 2017
Character played by Tony Revolori will play a different role in the new Spider-Man movie.

In comics, Flash Thompson has always been a big enemy of Peter Parker during his high school years. He was a bully athlete, constantly practicing bullying with Peter and other high school students. However, when Spider Man Homecoming action movie comes to theaters, the character will have another type of role. Spiderman fans can download Spider Man Homecoming full movie after its official release without membership using Internet connection at home or can go watch in cinema near them.

Last weekend, a special on the film, entitled A Fan’s Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming , appeared on the Disney Channel . In it, some new information was released about the film, including giving details about Flash’s participation as Peter’s “antagonist.”

According to Tom Holland: ” One of the main differences of this film for the ancients is that we do not have a bully. Their main rival is Flash Thompson, and they have a fun exchange of disagreements. ”

Previously, actor Tony Revolori had been criticized for his escalation in the role of Flash. However, if the film will not exploit its bully and athlete fame , it makes good sense that the character does not have to be identical to the comics.Spider Man Homecoming premieres in cinemas on July 6, 2017 .

Despicable Me 3 – Gru Finds His Twin Brother

Despicable Me 3
Bad guys are born, not made. If anything back. In fact, Crane ( Max Giusti ), the protagonist of animation movie Despicable Me 3 , after having turned the corner and followed his beloved Lucy ( Arisa ) from the ranks of the League Anti Villains, left again to tease once by the evil charm. Especially after the big revelation: the desire to plunder, conquer, behaving in a petty and dishonest with others, is written in its DNA; a nose for the armored cars and the long-range missiles is an inherited talent that has found to share with the wealthy twin brother Dru, recently rediscovered.

Dru is identical to the original very bad, but with a silky blonde hair and a coquettish giggle which never fails to pull off to get what he wants. And he wants to form a nasty duo that is able to steal a stolen diamond, snatching it from the clutches of the evil Balthazar Bratt ( Paolo Ruffini ), a former child prodigy, adult obsessed with the character he played in the 80 cranes will thus have to choose whether to go the right path shown by his wife Lucy and the adoptive daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes, or embrace the family heritage soon resurfaced. Needless to say which of the two hypotheses are rooting, the small concentration of appetite and evil that are the Minions.

This is one of the most awaited animation movie of year 2017 and will be released in July 2017.You can watch it in cinema near you or download Despicable Me 3 movie online using Internet Connection.

Transformers: The Last Knight – The Final Battle Is Here

Transformers 2017

Genre:Science Fiction and Action
Directed by Michael Bay
Staring: Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel and Anthony Hopkins

Cade Yeager played by Mark Wahlberg is protected by Autobots Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, and Crosshairs. Optimus Prime is still missing, because it is all over the universe to scour his creator Unicron. However, this is a plan to forge to destroy the Earth, Optimus and the Autobots must allege in their attempts to stop Unicron.

Transformers fans can download Transformers The Last Knight full movie in 720p bluray quality from hdmotionmovies website.In cinemas it will be released in the month of July 2017.

In Transformers – The Last Knight , the fifth episode of the epic film saga signed Michael Bay and Hasbro toys based on the convertible, the prey will become a hero. The heroes become villains. One World will survive: their, or our. In recent years the Autobots, led dall’irreprensibile leader Optimus Prime, who defended the earth by countless alien invasions of which was the scene. Before the Decepticons to Megratron, then the very ancient “Creators”, one after the other enemy troops beat a retreat, defeated by Bumblebee and his fellow giant. But where did the people of Transformers ? The ancient legend of their existence, handed down in secret to protect the planet, is going to come to light because of a new threat facing humanity. Optimus Prime this time declares war on the human race and leads a group of Autobots in the decisive battle. The only hope for our world is the unlikely alliance between the inventor, skilled mechanic Cade Yeager ( Mark Wahlberg ), the trusted Bumblebee, an English lord ( Anthony Hopkins ) and a professor at Oxford ( Laura Haddock ).