Deadly Humans over Deathly ghosts: Horror movies to haunt us in 2017

There will be long nights and horrific dreams towards the end of the year 2017. With Insidious 4 and yet another chapter of SAW releasing, Let’s look at what’s else in the dark corner of Hollywood to make you feel, haunting and insecure.

1.It (September 2017)

Top 7 Horror Movies To Be Released in 2017

The cult and sins of humanity will be explored more deeply to develop the haunting paranoia among fans, who are waiting desperately for It. Stephen King’s plot is already building curiosity, let alone the star cast.
The Pennywise monster has come back to restate his horror of abducting children and tearing their body parts. The brave child group, who had confronted him once in the past are reuniting to fight the even fierce and daunting.You can have latest hollywood movies in horror niche using logdown blog without any membership charges or using payment gateways.

2) Mother (Friday, 13th October)

Top 7 Horror Movies To Be Released in 2017

The release date has been smartly chosen but will the movie suffice to its emotional course? We will see when a guest so not anticipated comes to make fury of situations between a couple. The real monster might be envisaged as the gruesome product of their hysterical past. Albeit, the monster is real and working hard to make it worse for the family.One of the best newly released movies in horror niche of year 2017.

3) The Cult of Chucky: Chucky 7 (October 2017)

The Cult of Chucky: Chucky 7

Manchini’s next episode of Chucky is one of the most anticipated horror ventures this year. Chucky’s character depth is flared aptly with the paranoia of his favourite wheel-chaired prey, Nica would be the element to watch. However, he will drool to settle the score with some of his enemies of past. A must watch for thick horror fans.

4) The Dark Tower (August 4, 2017)

If you are expecting ideal, fictional horrifying shadows scaring the lone and weak, this isn’t the typo you are looking for. A doctrine battle of Good and the evil, the dark tower will be all about Mathew McConaughey (The Man in Black, Walter Patrick) fighting with Idris Elba (Roland Deschain) to break apart the world by reaching The Dark Tower. The movie will be hitting Screens near the end of July.Movie by the director of fast and furious 8 movie.

5) Annabelle 2

While the first edition didn’t live up to the excitement fans were having from his legacy. Let’s see if David Sandberg, who normally make hit movies can make the creepy doll, something scarier and with the strong degree of trepidation.At first emma watson was approached to play the role in the movie but because of her age she denied it.

6.) Hellraiser: Judgment
Probably among the very few, without a sequel, prequel or a revamp. Yet to confirm the dates, the producers has given some confirmation of pulse raising white daunt faces and stirred with a powerful story. Let’s see if the twitter hype is as real as the production hopes.

7.) Strangers 2
Strangers 2 won’t be that big, but i will not be surprised to sure if it will. The humans psychos and despos are trying to kill a loving couple, who are about to get the most dreadful of their dreams come true. While, the dates aren’t final. People are not expecting it before the very last of 2017.You can get more details about strangers 2 on our pearl tree page.

While the most awaited movies can be the films going south, some dark horses and sequels to conventional blood and killing can hit hard on heads and hearts. The list just puts the probably best horrors of 2017.
Saw: Legacy
Insidious Chapter 4

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